1st December 2016

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Yesterday I decided to start my online business. I will start this as a side business first, but who knows where it will take me. It feels like I’m at the starting point of a great adventure. I’m not sure which direction this adventure will take, but I have some interests I want to explore. I will sum them up below: Web Design / Building websites very recently I bought lifetime access to all of the themes and plugins over at Elegant Themes. I’m very much interested in building websites with the Divi theme. I think this theme will be the tool of choice for designers who want to Teaching Bitcoins and Altcoins Blogging Webshops Affiliate marketing Still too widespread, but it is better to have to many things you are enthousiastic about, than too little 🙂 To start off I started this blog. Hopefully I will be able to post on a regular basis (once per day, or once every...